Tarahumara Children in Chihuahua, Mexico    
   Pangea Proxima is a conglomerate of international consultants with a mission to alleviate global poverty through social research and construction of educational, health and social program facilities as well as smaller homes and businesses that use sustainable concepts and methods. We also specialize in assisting non-profit organizations and local governments to maximize their visions and potentials by providing a high quality GIS spatial analysis service at a low price, providing cutting edge technology in order to make better decisions.   
   In essence, we work in cooperation with our neighbors and the environment, using local input, local labor, local natural resources, and local intelligence combined with best practices resulting in the sustainable end-product.
   Pangea Proxima's unique and cutting-edge concepts and methods target the origins of social problems and poverty helping to reveal ideal locations for expanding social services which can grow build healthier communities and grow local economies through empowerment. If a building is not available or does not exist in the targeted area, we have the ability to construct a long-lasting, safe and beautiful structure made from local natural materials. 
   Pangea Proxima's method is not a "band-aid" approach, but applies a necessary social "vaccine". We behave in a manner as if the world's continents have merged once again.
   We derive our name, "Pangea Proxima", from the future super-continent.  Consistent with the super-continent cycle, Pangea Proxima (the next Pangea) could occur within the next 250 million years. This potential configuration, earned its name from its similarity to the previous Pangea  super-continent, which existed 250 million years ago.

   To understand more and see examples of Pangea Proxima's work visit our "Services" and "Projects" pages. 

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