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Pangea Proxima is now accepting applications from individuals who are interested in volunteering and paid work as independent consultants on future projects pertaining to sustainable development.

Aligning with the theory of Pangea Proxima, where the world’s continents will unify in the next 250 million years, here at Pangea Proxima, we are determined to unify talented individuals from around the world who are committed to helping create a positive and healthy future through international humanitarian and eco-friendly sustainable development projects. We encourage people from all countries around the globe to submit applications for consulting and volunteer work. Our current projects are in Latin America and the US/Mexico border area. Our goal is to expand our humanitarian and eco-friendly projects throughout the world, but we can only accomplish our goal with your participation. Our vision is to have many concurrent projects in as many countries as possible. Leadership positions will become available as we expand. Pangea Proxima is looking forward to adding your talent to our team and appreciates your time and consideration.

Please read Pangea Proxima’s information about becoming a volunteer, international consultant, and the application process below.   

Volunteer Information

Volunteer opportunities may include:
·         Attaining knowledge of sustainable concepts of community  
          development and construction
·         Hands-on experience for future natural building projects
·         Travel (currently throughout Latin America and the United 
          States/Mexico border area)
·         Language acquisition (currently Spanish/English)
·         Cross-cultural experiences
·         New friendships and professional connections in other parts of 
          the world
·         Possible future paid work and leadership positions
·         Helping from home (research, data analysis, design, reporting 
          and fund raising)

Volunteer skills wanted, but not required:
·         Experience with straw bale, earthbag and other forms of 
          natural construction methods
·         Plastering experience
·         Carpentry skills
·         Electrical and Plumbing skills
·         Experience working with concrete
·         Geographic Information Systems (GIS) experience
·         Spanish/English fluency
·         Research skills
·         Data Analysis skills
·         Fund raising (campaign work, grant writing, public speaking)

Information about paid work as an International Consultant

    Pangea Proxima is comprised of a group of independent international consultants, so no long-term obligations are required. In order to be considered for paid work as an international consultant, you must demonstrate a past filled with unpaid volunteer work and a demonstrated commitment to help disadvantaged people and/or better the environment. Also, you must volunteer for at least one of Pangea Proxima’s projects before your application/resume is considered for paid work. A strong interest and understanding of Latin American history and culture is suggested due to the locations of our current target areas. You must possess at least one of the following skills. The more skills and leadership experience you have in the following areas, the more likely you will be considered for paid work as a consultant. 
  • Research, fieldwork, analysis and reporting skills
o   Accomplished social researchers
o   Accomplished GIS (Geographic Information Systems) specialists
o   Accomplished data analyst
o   Accomplished survey administrators
o   Accomplished translators
  • Construction skills
o   Certified architects (green architects preferred)
o   Certified engineers (past work with straw bale, earth bags, compressed earthen bricks, bamboo and other natural building methods preferred)
o   Accomplished green builders
o   Accomplished carpenters
o   Accomplished plumbers
o   Accomplished electricians
  • Experts or a high level of experience relating to the fields of:
o   International Education and Health systems
o   Community Development
o   Social Work
o   Public Health
o   Sustainable Development
o   Distance Learning
o   Education Technologies
  • Accomplished fund raising, grant writing and public speaking experience
Language fluency levels required for various paid positions
o   Team leader: Demonstrate a very comfortable level of 
      conversation, reading and writing in both languages 
      pertaining to the project.
o   Researcher: Demonstrate an advanced level of 
      conversation, reading and writing in both languages 
      pertaining to the project.
o   Construction expert: Demonstrate a basic level of 
      conversation, reading and writing in both languages 
      pertaining to the project.
o   Subject expert (example: Distance learning): 
      Demonstrate a basic level of conversation, reading and 
      writing in both languages pertaining to the project.

The Application Process

1.       Please become a member of Pangea Proxima by joining the  
           website to receive updates about new projects as they become 
           available. This first step must happen in order for your 
           application to be considered.
2.       Please include your contact information along with internet 
           links to the jobs and volunteer experiences you list in your 
           resume when possible.
3.       Your cover letter should include a short explanation of your 
           interest in sustainable development and how your talents will 
           help promote Pangea Proxima’s goals and vision.
4.       Please send your resume along with a cover letter to:  
5.       When your application is received, a confirmation email will be 
6.       Interviews for volunteer and consultants will be conducted 
           through Skype ( ).
7.       If you are not chosen for a current project, you will still be 
           added to our pool of volunteers/international consultants and 
           contacted for future projects as they pertain to your skill set.